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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud


All the categories in our booking system can be separated into two general categories. The reason for this categorization is that there are differences between these two general approaches in terms of the therapists, sessions, the duration of sessions and scheduling.

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a general term that covers many different approaches and refers to a therapeutic communication between a mental health professional and a mental health seeker through scheduled sessions which help the patient become more familiar with their feelings, thoughts, and behavioral patterns when interacting with their environment and the people around them.

Recognizing the reasons behind unhelpful, disruptive and destructive patterns will help patients manage stress, anger and guilt feeling; reduce anxiety and depression; cope and adapt better with their environment; also realize self growth in general.

Dynamic Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is probably the oldest form of psychotherapy and is based on psychological theories rooted in interactions between the conscious and unconscious mind. This focus on the unconscious mind (the aspects of the mind to which a person usually doesn't have immediate conscious access) is mostly what separates this approach form the other approaches to psychotherapy.

In addition to the therapeutic interactions with the mental health seeker, the psychoanalyst aims to understand and analyse the unconscious of the person in their care to help them face their inner conflicts in a mature way, and even go beyond that to help them realize a meaning to their lives and explore their dreams and aspirations.

Psychoanalysis generally deals with the interactions between the conscious and the unconscious parts of the mind through techniques like dream interpretation and free association.


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Perhaps you're down or anxious - maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs may be, we're here to offer support. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery.

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