What We Do

 Our Goal

We are here to ease the access to verified and qualified native psychotherapists for seekers of mental care of any cultural background anywhere in the world.  Our emphasis is on the idea that it is very helpful for each individual to experience mental care in their native language with mental health professionals who share their native culture. 

 Why We Do It

Psychotherapeutic interactions are done on a human level and involve reaching an understanding of self through intimate conversations with your psychotherapist.  Having a shared cultural background with your psychotherapist is essential to this human interaction and goes a long way towards building that intimate relationship between you and your therapist which is vital for self growth.

How It Works


You can choose a date through our booking system to arrange online therapy sessions with one of our experienced psychotherapists from wherever you are located. You can choose the therapist who practices your desired approach or contact us to help you choose the most helpful approach for your specific case.

 Note: If you are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts or feel the urge to harm yourself or others please leave this site and immediately contact your local emergency line.